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To participate, complete the following form. After making the fee payment, you will receive the corresponding forms within 1 to 2 business days by email. *Make sure your email is written correctly.

You will have until March 6 to send these forms with the video links.

Because the evaluations will be carried out independently by each institution and its directors, it is possible that a participant will be selected for one or more residencies, which is why we offer the opportunity to participate in two or more residencies.

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"Danza Europa: Residencias Breves para Desarrollo Artístico"

Formulario de participación y pago de derechos.


A que residencia (s) quieres ser considerada/e/o?

Selecciona de 1 a 3
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Marca el pago que deseas realizar según el número de casillas seleccionadas.

Selecciona según corresponda

Una vez efectuado el pago en breve enviaremos los formularios por e-mail. Revisa tu correo no deseado por seguridad.

The amounts are expressed in Mexican Peso (MXN). This payment will be processed securely through Stripe and accepts debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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