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Online course aimed at Adults



This is an intensive online workshop designed for people who have no previous dance experience and want to learn something new and be physically active. Taking into account a mature body, we will work on acquiring greater body awareness, resistance, strength, elasticity, coordination, we will exploit creativity and we will begin to modify and adapt our body for the practice of dance, painlessly, with constancy in an enriching way , dynamic and entertaining.

It is never too late to start something new

What workshops are there?





Who can take this course?

Human beings with the desire to learn about dance, in theory and in practice.

Of any age, gender and context. Moms or dads who have daughters or sons who dance, artists of any discipline, athletes, physical therapists, psychologists, anyone can benefit from the advantages of connecting, appreciating and knowing their own body.


Once you complete your registration you will receive a questionnaire, so that you receive the most appropriate training for your health and physical condition. In other words, we will begin your course taking into account your initial level of strength, endurance, elasticity and technical knowledge of dance.

What am I going to receive from this workshop?

You will learn and understand the foundations, the technical and essential foundations of dance, terms, ballet practices and contemporary dance, all in a program made to progress gradually from home, managing your own times and receiving feedback

and personalized advice.

At the end of the workshop you will have the fundamental knowledge and confidence to go to dance academies and cultural centers to take and follow both ballet and contemporary dance classes at a basic level, you will know the terminology, the structures of a class, you will know how to handle your body and improvise with the tools that you will acquire.


You will also have the option of developing theoretical knowledge for the appreciation of dance, I will share with you extra materials such as bibliography, video links, history and background so that if you wish or have more tools to consume, practice and enjoy dance.


You will also receive three vouchers or coupons, one of 50% discount for a face-to-face contemporary dance course, basic / intermediate that I will teach in 2021.

Two more to redeem at any FDR Dance and Pericoiguana event, course or workshop . (restrictions apply by the administration)

Xavo Mart
What is the dynamics?

The Workshop will have an estimated duration of six weeks, it all depends on the rhythm you want to give it, starting on June 22 ; At the end I will send you a digital certificate signed by me and by the directors of FDR Dance and Pericoiguana .

The course will be divided as follows:


  • Pre-recorded videos of classes: they will contain exercises, information and detailed explanations, in gradual order, designed to work each week, giving you the freedom to do them at the moment you decide, pause, return, and repeat as many times as you want.


  • Online classes: 4 per week, with morning and evening hours (availability subject to registered people) so I can guide you, advise and clarify doubts, we will nourish the practice with observations, we will exchange ideas, and we will take the class as similar as possible to the dynamics regular in a classroom.


  • Extra support materials: Texts, publications, video links, about works, choreographers, companies, background, current panorama, etc.


  • Advice in chat: during office hours to answer your questions, comments and concerns, if you need variations of some exercises for any reason of health or injury, we can thus adapt the training according to your needs.


  • Detailed agenda and guide of recommendations: they will serve to put together your routines and schedules. You can also consult a calendar with the times available for online classes and the tutorial for using the platform for both the video classes and the online classes.


  • Weekly evaluation, we are not going to qualify, we are going to analyze how we are progressing, from that, we will discover what we should focus more on and what we can improve in our way of training.

What is the dynamics?
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Independent Ballet and Contemporary Classes

Basic Level, for adults with previous knowledge in dance, graduates of the introductory dance course 1 who are interested in continuing to train and learn more.

In the Ballet classes, exercises will be deepened to achieve and understand body rotation, balance and resistance, Bar, center and principles and fundamentals of diagonals (transfers) and jumps will be worked.

In Contemporaneo the mixed technique, the somatic approach to dance, and creativity and improvisation with the inclusion of choreographic phrases.

Ballet: Monday and Wednesday 5 - 6:30 pm

Contemporary: Tuesday and Thursday: 5 - 6:30 pm

Conscious and Progressive Flexibility and Elasticity

Workshop designed to develop or improve flexibility and elasticity.

The training is based on and combines aspects and strengths of physical rehabilitation therapies / principles of Kinesiology, stretching for dance work, Yoga and Aerial Dance, obtaining a comprehensive program to gradually strengthen and promote improvement.

The objectives that are worked on are:

  • Achieve greater elasticity and flexibility.

  • Release of muscle tension.

  • Greater range and reach in joint mobility.

  • Fluency and breadth in key joints: Shoulders and hips.

  • Theoretical and practical bases for understanding the relationship between mobility and flexibility, strength, endurance and elasticity, as well as between passive relaxation stretching and active strength stretching.


Torso / back: Monday and Wednesday 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Legs (Splits / Spagat): Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Intensive comprehensive: Friday 6 to 8pm

What packages are there?

The workshop is divided into two modules, each lasting 3 weeks.

Module 1 is only the first 3 weeks of the course.


$ 2000. pesos


Module 1

$ 600. pesos



$ 600. pesos


Module 1

$ 1200. pesos

$ 600. pesos



Communicologist and dancer of FDR Dance, Aerialist in Pericoiguana, and independent dance and aerobatics teacher.

Pre-registration format

Thanks for your interest!





Mindfullnes through dance. (Short meditation)

Basic / fundamental terminology of ballet and contemporary dance. (To understand what we are doing is called)

Mixed technique bases of contemporary dance and contemporary ballet. (The foundation to advance the dance)

Principles and foundations of choreography and improvisation. (We will dance a choreography every week)

Conditioning and physical resistance. (We will strengthen the muscles and we will tire less and less)

Flexibility and stretching. (We will release tension from the joints and relax the body)

Extra materials : Theory, Background and current context of contemporary dance. (It will help us develop critical thinking to consume dance)

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