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FDR Dance needs you!

Please take a couple of minutes to read this statement

During 10 years of independent work, we have achieved great first level projects among which countless scholarships abroad, contracts in our projects, financial support for dancers and filmmakers stand out; We have presented international companies such as Nederlands Dance Theater and Budapest Dance Theater in Mexico, educational exchanges abroad, among other activities.



Activities that have benefited a large number of young artists in the country and of which I am very proud and convinced that it supports the development of contemporary art in Mexico.



The pandemic has affected us all, especially the artistic community, taking away our source of work in the cancellation of performances, face-to-face courses, artistic tours and choreographic productions, source of our main income. This situation, in turn, limits us to continue investing in the generation of courses, auditions and the extension of scholarships to all of you.


That is why I dare to request your donation of $ 100 pesos, acquiring your digital ticket for our presentation "10 years of dance film" that will be screened live on our website on Sunday, February 28 from 2021 at 8:00 pm (Central Mexico Time).


This is the only way we can present our work in celebration of our tenth anniversary and thereby raise funds to continue our commitment to cultural exchange with the Mexican artistic union.


You can read more about this presentation and make your donation at the following link:


and click on the button GET YOUR TICKET.


It is possible to make the donation through all debit and credit cards, PayPal or electronic transfer. The transaction is secure and you will receive a confirmation link via email with instructions to access our digital platform. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT.


I am sure that with the support of all of you we will be able to continue offering first level activities in 2021.


Thank you for your support and preference, we continue to create strong and resilient communities.




Fernando Dominguez


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