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First of all, thank you for entering this link, as it means that you are a person sensitive to causes and that you value the humility of someone who asks for help!

I invite you to watch this video, where I explain the reasons why I carry out this campaign. Whether you already know my career or not, I will tell you that I have dedicated myself 100% to art and from it I have learned to help and be helped ... because that is the way to create productive communities.

It is not about donating exorbitant amounts, if not about adding more people with amounts that are possible and do not affect your economy. So I appreciate more the gesture of wanting to help than the amount with which you can contribute :)

To send your donation there are three options:

If you live in Mexico, the United States or Canada you can make your donation easy, fast and secure in the first donation platform in Mexico, here the link:

If you live in Europe or the rest of the world you can make your donation in Euros on the GoFund me donation page, here the link:

If you prefer to make your donation directly to my personal account in Mexico or IBAN in Europe, please fill out the following form:

Thanks. We will send you an email shortly, please check your spam inbox.

Thank you very much for supporting me


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