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Arma Lilac (2013).

50th Anniversary Provincial Ballet of San Luis.

Choreography. Fernando Domínguez. Video. Kine Productions.

MImicry (2013).

Solo Work.

Choreography & Dance. Fernando Domínguez. Video. Kine Productions.

Les Sauvages (2012).

Video dance. Mask Collection by Pierre Elitaire. Choreography concept by Fernando Dominguez.

BACK (2013).

Video dance.

Choreography Diego Cosignani. Directed and written by Fernando Dominguez. Production. HRN Entertainment.

What you don't usually tell me (2016).

Video dance Clip. Band. The Shamans. Choreography Dir./ Fernando Dominguez.

Video. Kine Productions

Desquamation (2011).

Dance performance.

Artistic Direction by Fernando Dominguez.

FDR Dance (before CIJBailarines).

Arien (2010).

Dance duet.

choreography by Fernando Dominguez.

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