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"Art is too important not to be shared"

Romero Britto.

In order to connect the dance community of Mexico and give the opportunity to professional groups, independent, universities and dance schools in the country to share a stage, we open this call to participate in the "Public Award" that will be presented during the " International Gala 2019 | Dance at PALCCO ”in the city of Guadalajara on July 27 and 28, 2019 at PALCCO - Palacio de la Cultura y los Congresos. Where the companies HDC will perform - Hamburg Dance Company (Germany), Cia. Fernando Troya (Spain / Netherlands), Contempodanza (Mexico) and FDR Dance (Netherlands / Mexico).

Selection Phases

1. From all the applications received, the directors Javier Báez (HDC and CDSH) and Fernando Domínguez (FDR DANCE) will pre-select up to 6 choreographies that will be presented as the opening ceremony of the gala:

  • Up to 3 choreographies on Saturday, July 27.

  • Up to 3 choreographies on Sunday, July 28. (morning show).

2. Through a voting form that will be granted during the event, the audience will decide which choreography has the greatest stage presence.

3. The choreography with the most votes from day 1, as well as the choreography with the most votes from day 2, will be considered as finalists.

4. The two finalist choreographies will be evaluated by the directors of the international companies presented at the gala to select the winning piece.


- Choreographer. Choreographic residency at CDSH - Contemporary Dance School Hamburg to perform a montage for the students within the professional training program. The residency includes accommodation and free access to professional training for a period of 2 to 3 weeks in the first semester of 2020.

- Dancers. The members of the winning choreography will obtain a 100% enrollment scholarship for the FDR Dance International Dance Intensive in the city of San Luis Potosí from July 29 to 31, in which a full scholarship will be awarded to study at CDSH- Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany.


1. Group choreographies from 5 to 10 members can participate with a maximum duration of 5 min.

2. The styles that will be considered are:

  1. Contemporary dance.

  2. Contemporary or Neoclassical Ballet.

  3. Contemporary + (Hip Hop, Vogue, Jazz funk, Lyrical, etc).

  4. Physical Theater.

3. The free-themed choreography may be unpublished or have already been released no earlier than May 1, 2018.

4. Participants must be over 18 years of age.

5. It is necessary to have original music or, where appropriate, in the public domain.

* In case of being a musical piece that does not cover the description, it is necessary to present a letter of the corresponding session of rights or license.

6. The lighting will be carried out in a basic way only with environments.

7. The use of objects, scenery, water or elements that dirty the stage is not allowed.

8. All participating groups must cover their transfers and accommodation to the venue. Presentation fees will not be covered.

9. The organizers are not responsible for accidents that occur before, during and after the performance. The theater will have a team of paramedics that by regulations every show must have.


1. Registration is free and the following information should be sent to with the title "FDR Dance Opening Choreography Competition 2019".

  1. Choreography title | Choreographer's Name | No. Of Dancers.

  2. Place of origin.

  3. Release date or if it is unpublished.

  4. Internet league with video of the choreography. (Youtube or Vimeo).

  5. Institution that represents (University, school, collective, academy, independent, etc.)

2. Only those applications that are complete in the format and order requested in this call, will be taken into account and will receive a confirmation email of receipt.

3. The reception period is until June 25 (20: 00hrs). The results will be announced on July 4 on our social networks and notification by email.

4. Any specification that is not clear in this call will be resolved by the organization.


"Thanks to your participation we can carry out these significant events for the artistic community of Mexico . "


Nederlands Dans Theater on their visit to Mexico in 2017.

Archive. FDR Dance

Photo. Juan Luis Gonzalez

Don't miss the chance to learn and win two scholarships to study at CDSH - Contemporary Dance School Hamburg "

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